The Travel Bug

by isabellamariana97

So I’ve just returned from a month long trip to Australia, and it was the best month of my life. I had the most amazing time meeting new friends every day, seeing things, exploring nature and just generally having adventures. I only got home yesterday and already I’ve spent the majority of my time researching flights back out. I definitely didn’t expect to enjoy myself that much. I truly left my heart in Australia.
That’s why I’ve pushed uni back another year and will be returning to the land down under in just six months on a working holiday visa. Yes, I caught the travel bug.
The side to travelling that you rarely hear about is just how hard it is to come home. We didn’t stop for a month, moving from place to place, doing something every minute. So you can imagine what coming home to the quietest place on Earth must have been like. It’s the biggest come down you can think of. But the hardest part is that it feels like it never happened. My travel partner is still in Australia, everyone I met is still out there or travelling; it feels like it was all a dream. I’m so far away from it all now that there’s a disconnect. Just like when I was out there, I couldn’t imagine what being at home would feel like. With my situation in particular, I’m finding myself having to readjust to life exactly how it was before I left. I’ve come home to the same job, the same difficulties, the same weather, but I feel different. It’s like it doesn’t fit anymore. I know I’ll feel differently after a month or so, but for now I feel like shit. Like I don’t belong in my own home. I’m itching to get away again (one of the many symptoms of this travel bug), and have already constructed a provisional travel plan from July onwards. But five months seems like an eternity when I’ve discovered how much can happen in just one. However, you need a balance, and I know it’ll be worth the grunt work and mediocrity when I’m on my way back out there. Also, I do love home. I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful family, both at work, home and in the form of my best friends, in a beautiful area.
It is such a bittersweet thing to have found a place I never want to leave, as well as having a home I so badly want to return to.