My New Year’s Resolutions

by isabellamariana97

1.       Stand up, speak out, defend.
After the calamity that was 2016, I can’t think of a more appropriate time to employ an attitude like this. I’ve realised about myself that, in conversation, I tend to compromise my views and opinions to avoid conflict or disagreement. But now is the time to start standing my ground and defending my principles, standing up for what I believe in, and speaking out against what I think is unjust.

2.       Slow down.
It’s been a busy year, and an especially busy last few months, and amidst all the rushing around I haven’t found a lot of time to really slow down and reflect. I like to reflect because it makes me appreciate where I am, figuratively speaking. So this year I hope I can do more, but make time to slow down.

3.       Get outside.
I’d say the ratio of time spent outside to time spent inside for me is 70:30. Ideally I’d like to flip that completely in 2017. It’s time to get outside, see things, explore, and let fresh air and nature solve my skin problems.

4.       Learn French.
This has been a resolution I have failed spectacularly to achieve these last few years, but hopefully 2017 will be the one. I think French is a beautiful language and I’d like to prove to myself that I have enough self-discipline to actually learn to do something I don’t have to.

5.       Be careful with money.
These past few months I’ve been saving like a crazy person to go travelling, and it’s definitely taught me that every little bit mounts up. This year I really want to appreciate the value of money and what it can buy by not spending it on temporary consumer products. Money certainly can’t buy happiness, but if you save enough, it can buy a damn good adventure.

6.       Step away from social media.
Obviously not completely, for two reasons. Firstly, that’s just unrealistic, and secondly, in this modern age where nearly everyone is present on social media, to take yourself away from it completely is potentially anti-social and inconvenient. I’d just like to step back a bit and not feel like I have to scroll through Instagram every ten minutes, or constantly share my attention with a screen.

7.       Be honest.
By no means am I a pathological liar, but I tend to tell little white lies every now and again to save myself from potentially sticky situations. But one way or another, lying in any degree tends to come back and bite you in the arse. So hopefully this year I can be brave enough to tell people how it really is.

8.       Paint once a week.
Since finishing school, one thing I have really been missing is producing things. A lot of the time it was dampened by the stress and pressure, but in hindsight working and producing that much art, research, historical essays, book analysis’, theatre productions; that’s probably one of the things I now appreciate the most about school. This year I want to start pushing myself to create not because I have to, but because I want to.

9.       Read 52 books.
I love reading, but I find it hard to find time to do it. When I want to relax, I turn to the tv, or my laptop. My idea of escapism comes in the form of Netflix and YouTube, not a good book. With a bit of luck though this year I can stop viewing reading as a chore, and start enjoying these amazing little worlds authors create for us.

10.   Don’t stop working.
I’m proud of myself for how hard I’ve worked this year in many areas. I can honestly say that this has been a productive year, and I’ve seen a lot of results. That’s just proved to me that if you really want something, and you put in the time and effort, you can get it. So that’s what I hope to do more of in 2017. You can sleep when you’re dead.

11.   Smile and be open.
I was out clubbing with a friend recently, and as we walked past a guy, he told me to smile. That’s when I realised; I have a bitchy face. I don’t know how many people I’ve deterred because of this, but deter I will no more.