by isabellamariana97

I think where I went wrong last time I tried to start a blog two years ago roughly, was how hard I tried. I overthought so much about what I was writing, trying to make it funny and witty that when I looked back at it today for the first time in two years, I cringed so hard I had to private every post. All five of them. So basically I’m starting afresh now. At some point in the future I may set my old posts to public again for the shits and gigs but for the moment I’m more than happy keeping my embarrassingly try hard and clichéd posts to myself. Not that anyone will be reading this anyway.
We’re now in October November of 2016 and a lot has changed since I last used this blog. I’ve finished school now (one of the bigger changes in my little life), and am working full time at a small family business near where I live in the English countryside, which specialises in farming and fresh produce, with a small café attached to the business. I’ve worked there since May of 2014, picking up more hours during the school holidays, and keeping a regular Sunday during term time. But now that I’m done with school, and am taking a year out (hate the term ‘gap year’, don’t know why), I’ve picked up a lot of extra hours in various areas of the business. Apparently I’m called a ‘General Assistant’, so there you go.
So as I said, I’m taking a year out of school/education at the moment, which is the main reason I wanted to restart this blog. I kind of wanted to use it as a little record of my gap year. So I suppose that’s what can be expected of this blog. It’s not going to be any one thing in particular. To be honest, each post will most likely be a reflection of what my mood is/where my head’s been at that week etc. It will have no structure, is what I’m trying to say. Life updates, travel plans, advice, monthly favourites, clichés upon clichés upon clichés; that’s what is to be expected. I’m not sure where I’ll begin, but this is a start. I’m going to aim to post something every week. Let’s see how it goes. It took me a month to actually finish writing these three paragraphs so…I’m off to a flying start.